Types of Sportswear

Sportswear is anything that is used by an athlete to help with their performance and will help them play the game. These clothing items can be used for protection and they can be used as something functional. Some of these items even look like regular clothing.


This sportswear consists of a long sleeve shirt with buttons up the middle. There is a V neck. The shirt is the color of the team and their logo is on the shirt. This is worn by players during a game and is being worn by fans that want to support the team.


This gear consists of shorts and a sleeveless shirt. It is made from lightweight material that will not constrict movement. The top and the bottom are the colors of the team with the team name and player number found on the shirt. People find this style to be comfortable and often wear it off the court as casual clothing.


Football players wear the right pans and jerseys. The jerseys have the team colors and their numbers. Some have the last name of the players on the back. Players wear this during the game and fans wear it to support their team.

Martial Arts

Marital arts gear is worn for functional use. The gee will allow a person freedom for their movement. The color of the gee will show rank. The belt that is worn around the gee is also to show the rank and skill level that a person has earned.

Skiing Wear

This is all about staying warm and protected. Ski jackets were designed to be some of the warmest on the market and they will help a person stay warm on the slopes.

These are some common items that are used for sportswear. These items can be used by the team and fans to show their colors and support.